Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What To Do After a 16-Hour Day of Work

Usually it's just more work for me. But someone recommended that I check out News for Blondes. The newscaster is the kind of girl that makes me sick to my stomach... the kind that tortured me in high school. Bleck. Bleck.

Back to work.


Love to wear sunglasses

Top ten places I love to wear sunglasses:

10.) In the sun.
9.) In the rain.
8.) In the snow.
7.) In a hot restaurant
6. In my mother's house.
5.) In a high powered meeting.
4.) In a model train store.
3.) In the gym.
2.) In my bedroom.
1.) In my garage while I work at night.


Saturday, December 2, 2006

An Entreprenuer with Sense

This dude's post on eHarmony is right on! Today's technologies are unable to effectively grasp or communicate meaning, and eHarmony is a striking example of that, as he shows. I'm interested to see where he takes this thing. Given that the theme of his blog is "Mapping the themes of human existence," perhaps it'll be somewhere interesting.


Time Magazine's Best Inventions

YouTube was Time Magazine's best invention of the year. You can check out the article here. Given that YouTube's founders used no IP in their inventions, and that the success of YouTube is largely attributed to a consumer need gravitating toward one of a number of equally promising solutions, it's intriguing to me that YouTube could be a top 100,000 invention, let alone the top one!


Technology Gizmos

If you're looking for the coolest new gadgets, check out Gizmodo. They do a great job keeping up to date with the latest in most big technology gadgets!